Partnering with Doxy/Accepting new clients/Doxy/CA

I am currently accepting new telemedicine clients to work with via the system and I am interested in partnering with the company.(Doxy)

I have been a psychotherapist for 20+years specializing in depression, anxiety, relationships, stress management, grief & loss, GLBTQ issues, mindfulness, work/life balance and major life transitions.

" …the Company is looking for providers to partner with that are also accepting new patients/clients (this would be to serve the team specifically). In that regard I started a new category called “Referrals by State” and placed this post into that category. Perhaps together we can get some more traction on this topic!


Is there a way for Psychology Today or Doxy to have listings of therapists who are looking for clients living in states in which the therapist is licensed, but not living/working? I have 5 state licenses, but have no way of listing myself as a provider in any state other than where I have my office (NJ), and I would really like to offer my services within the other 4 states as well. Can the Doxy community come together to create profiles for any therapists using the platform and looking for new clients by state? I like this idea, if possible.