Patient can hear me but can't see me

On 8/27, after signing in, the dashboard noted that webcam and audio will not work due to too many apps being used. The only app running was Chrome and I shut down the computer, started over and still wasn’t able to connect to my clients through webcam and later the audio stop working. What gives. The is the first time this happened which is taken all day.

If you look under Community Support, Tech and Setup Questions you will see a comment I posted yesterday and updated today. I can see and hear my patients but they can’t see or hear me. I asked for a response from Doxy but haven’t gotten one.


I have had the same issue. When I logged on an extensive message came up on the screenm obscuring the dashboard but (a) the top of the message was off the top of my screen and (b) I didn’t have time to read it before attending to my client so I logged in and out and it disappeared However, my client could not see or hear me, although we both logged out and in a couple of times. (we eventually went to zoom)

I wondered if the long message had been about the problem - it seemed to refer to the firefox browser, but when I did try to refer to it later, it had disappeared and I don’t know where to look for it. My client told me she had received a message saying her internet connection was poor, but (a) she checked that and it wasn’t and (b) I could see and hear her clearly.

Go to Community Support, Tech and Setup Questions, third one down, Patients can’t hear me. You’ll see that there is an explanation from Doxy but not a solution yet

Many thanks for your response.