Patient can see and hear me I cant see or hear him

cant see or hear patient in first session whats up

I am having the same issue. What is happening? Have to sign back in several times and sometimes that doesn’t fix it

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Yes!! Why is it doing this??

Same issue for me. They allow use of camera and mic but I cannot hear them and sometimes hear or see them. They can see and hear me.

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Having the same issue in the past week. Has there been any suggestion on the issue or fix?

yikes hope this is fixed by next week

Thank you for the post and comments, everyone. We’ve been investigating, but haven’t found a link to explain this behavior. If you could write in to with some additional details such as date and time that you encountered this behavior, we can dig in deeper to see what we can discover.

tuesday july 20 9 am

This has happened SEVERAL times in the past week. Instead of the session starting as usual, it will go to a grey screen and the connection loads very slowly and then it doesn’t connect, and then it drops. But then the client tells me that they could see me. At other times it looks like the connection has been made properly, but the client is sitting there staring at the screen as I am speaking, and it becomes clear that they are unable to see or hear me. Have had to disconnect and try over and over, and/or completely reboot. I don’t even know why the hell I am still trying to use this platform, and paying for it. I’m going to switch to psychologytoday beginning next week and research some other platforms.

Kathy that’s exactly what happened to me