Patient Check In Questions

there needs to be a few more options for patient check in to uniquely identify the patient.

DOB and first name preferred.

or is there already a way to do this?

another way to do it would be to allow a custom URL to be used prior to patient check in, so they could enter their DOB/first name, and then it could re-direct to

Hi @silvacarl thank you for posting. I’m curious to learn more about your needs. Excuse my naive questions, but could you tell me a little bit about the why behind your request? Why is it important to uniquely identify the patient before starting a call with them? Or is it sufficient to identify them during a call?

How do you currently identify your patients? What would being able to identify them allow you to do more easily?

Any more information you can give me would be helpful and I can come up with some better solutions for you.

@silvacarl - I’m guessing you haven’t seen the auto-checkin feature that allows you to put in a patient name in the URL? This may solve part of what you’re asking. This assumes you know who may be checking in at a given time.

Accessibility: Send URL that Checks Patients in Automatically | Help Center


if we have first name and DOB, it uniquely identifies them and can make it easy to export info for billing purposes.

occasionally first and last name and DOB need to be used, but this is rare.

we currently handle 300,000 patient calls a month, so we are trying to see how to make the entire process streamlined.

@silvacarl okay that makes sense, and with that volume I can understand the need to automate this as much as possible.

One sort of ‘hidden feature’ that might help for the time being, builds off of what @svdk already mentioned. There is another query parameter you can add the URL invite to better identify the patient. It looks like this: and then with our Analytics or Clinic Reports you are able to get this information (the pid also might also be included in the Export feature we are building in the product update: new analytics page, update to the BAA tab, and improvements to Call Connection indicator

But if that all sounds too difficult, perhaps we could have a conversation around this topic and figure out a better, more permanent solution? CC @Schuyler @DoctorZ

this could work. here is what we would do then:

patients would go to one of our URLs and

then once they did so, we would do this:


Yes, I could see that working yup. @silvacarl I have a prototype tech I’d like to run past you and get your feedback on. I’ll email you separately.

perfect. next part we are also trying to determine is easiest way to determine when patient checks out/leaves the room. because there may be some follow up paperwork, referral, etc. to email to them.

any ideas on this topic? maybe we could use an iframe with the patient in it?

re: above, send the link when you have a moment as well.

My patient could not get onto today. When he tried, he got an error message “website has crashed.” He tried again and kept getting this message.
Can you explain this?

Hi @rachellegold I think that is a little different than this thread. Could you reach out to about this?