Patient having trouble connecting

pat tried connecting from his mac book, ipad and iiphone. tried chrome and safari, but was blocked.

he could not get to the screen to have the doxy bot help him.
what should i have told him to do?

I encourage people to do a full shutdown of their devices before they start, because especially on Apple devices, it’s the only way to clear the cache.
I also encourage people to put their device on Do Not Disturb before starting a session, because incoming texts or phone calls seem to irreversibly steal the audio permissions.
I have found that Safari has the most problems with getting permissions, and Chrome seems the best. On my PC, while I usually use Firefox as my browser, I use Chrome for Doxy.
As to why Doxy would be blocked on all his devices & browsers, I suspect he has very tight permissions or a stray previous block (which is why emptying the cache is important). In chrome, it might also be useful to clear history & cookies.

has been happening to me too, and we have had to switch to other platforms to complete our session,