Patient invitation not working

I am unable to send out email invitations to patients in the way I have been doing so since the onset. I have been using the free doxy version.

Anyone else have this problem? Has anything changed?

Thank you for your feedback


Yes I am Having the same problem. I have not idea how to fix it and don’t know how to get help. There appears to be an offer of help but it doesn’t seem real.

Hey there, I’m sorry for the confusion. Is you are on the Free plan you are still able to use the same email invite options as before.

  1. Click this drop down
  2. Select “Use my default email client” or “Use web service”

That will let you email like you use to.

Dylan, Thanks you!


Yes I have had the same problem since last week. There was a change to the email invite and I have to cut and paste my email contacts. Is there something I need to do to have doxy remember the email addresses in this new invitation format so I don’t have to cut and paste every time?

If makes changes, please notify us before hand. I was very upset when I wanted to start a session as I always had, and it seemed the only way to start was to upgrade, which I didn’t want to do. I finally figured out what to do, but that’s not fair to your users.

I think you need to choose email from the drop down menu. It seems the new invite takes you to a box with the invite coming from doxy. Just tap that drop down and you will see the original box.

I’ve never been able to send clients email notices.
When I asked about it I was told I had to pay…?

Hi @dreweinberger I understand the need to get this information before changes and that is my goal as well. The best I can offer for the time being is either same day, or shortly after here: Product Updates - User Community

We will get better and better about making updates before-hand.

Hi @homewoodhealth some email options are paid, but the other ones are free. Try it out as the screenshot above shows and let me know

Hi @kristinvandermolen I believe we are aware of this and are going to try to ensure the email input field can remember what you’ve put here previously @seedrz

Hi Dylan,

I don’t see a screenshot here…?

Try this link Patient invitation not working

I was in the same boat. I was under the pressure to function and did sign up for the paid version, although I have yet to find a benefit from having done so.

Thanks Dylan for letting me know. Hope you have a good day.

Thank you. But, please do so before changes are implemented if at all possible.
Elizabeth Weinberger, Ph.D.

Check if the person got the email invitation. When I switched from free to professional, I did not see the Sent email, but they got it.

Hi Dr Lindner,

Here are few things you might appreciate about the Pro account.

  • The ability to edit your waiting room with content your patients might find helpful. (Settings/Room, then click on Edit Waiting Room)
  • The ability to send text invites that are often more convenient for your patients.
  • The option to be notified through text or email when a patient comes into your waiting room, so you don’t have to be by your computer waiting for them to arrive.
  • Group calling feature, which can be helpful if you need to include another family member.

There are many more features but those are some that are popular no matter what profession you are in.

Dr. Z