Patient link doesn't work

One patient has the correct link for me, but when she clicks on it, she gets the general site. I saw an answer here that said the url may be wrong. What does that mean and how can we correct it?

Hi there!
Are you still experiencing this issue? Do you send out an invite or does she have the link stored?
If you are not sending out invites, I recommend trying to send her a new invite and see if that works out.
If you continue to have issues, we would love to help you by emailing
Thank you!

The invitation has two links in the invite. The first link directs them to your waiting room for them to check in. The second link directs them to the general site. If the hyperlink does not appear for the client to click on, then they can copy & paste it into a supported browser to direct them to check in. We support Chrome 89, Firefox 82+, Edge, or Safari 11+ (most recent update version). So far in our investigation, the hyperlink does not appear with hotmail and yahoo emails using their apps or chrome to open their emails. Hope that helps! :slightly_smiling_face: