Patient logged into waiting room but not showing up on my end

I am having this happen on an increasing basis. I am logged in and waiting for my next patient to sign in. When I call them, they say they are “in my waiting room.” I refresh my screen, close the browser and start over, but often it is not resolved until the patient also refreshes their browser. This has led to frustration for my patients and misunderstanding around both of us showing up “on time.” Anyone else experiencing this?

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Thanks for the alert.
This is really bad.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. How is your internet connection? Does pressing “ctrl” + R help this situation?

My internet is very strong. Talking to my colleagues who are spread across the area, this was happening to the majority of us in the last couple of days. Resetting was required by both the client and myself to get them to “show up” in the waiting room.

We’re having a provider struggling with the same issue today. It happened with two patients in a row, who were both very tech-savvy.

having the same issues yesterday and today - ridiculously frustrating to have a patient suddenly pop up with a 15 minute wait-time beside there name - when they had not been showing before.
Refreshing helps - sometimes - but not always.
logging out and back in helps sometimes - but not always.

I also noticed - I hear the ping that a patient has checked in - but can’t see them - so now I go look for them

I am so appreciative to have read this thread because it started happening to me, too. One day, I kept getting the notification, also, and went through the rigamarole of refreshing, then logging out, then asking client to do the same. We always got each other, but that’s a lot to go through every time.

I haven’t seen it since, but now don’t know if someone is just late or I need to go through all those steps.

Doxy Team, any updates?

I just had this problem yesterday.
Client was waiting for me in the waiting room. I was waiting for client. Client’s screen said I was off-line but I was there. After we figured we were both there, we both logged out of and refreshed our browsers and were able to log back in.
It took a good 10 minutes so figure all this out.
When I first logged into to for this session, it logged in 20 minutes prior to the session to make sure I could deal with any potential troubleshooting. I am wondering if that had something to do with the issue but I have done that before without having this problem.

Hey, Doxy Team, any thoughts on this? Seems important.

Ditto pt not showing up as waiting. I noticed a red dot with a circle around the dot next to my tab that sometimes flashes. This dot is not always present and wonder if it has some relationship to the pt registry not identifying waiting status. What is this red dot, red circle?

Yeah, me too. I now am trying to restart my computer before each Doxy call. Refreshing the screen and even closing Doxy and reopening it does not work for me. When I restart the computer and then open it, voila! client is now present in waiting room. Someone told me that this is not likely but it seems to me that there re certain applications that I have used recently that appear to interfere with the waiting room check in, even when they are no longer running on my computer, only hitting “restart” seems to correct it in my case.

Having this problem for the first time today 10/16. Any recommendations when the client repeatedly doesn’t show in the waiting room but she says she’s there? Even after both of us logging out and in again?