Patient Name on payment window for patients

We started doing visits in our clinic today. Has been working great for the most part. However, is there a way to get the name of the patient onto the payment screen. Right now there is not a way I can tell that we know who made the payment. Stripe shows transaction information on date/time. Doxy shows a history and time of visits. However, we really need to know what account to apply the visit to within our EMR. Is there a way to collect just the name of the Patient on the payment screen the patient sees?


I have the same question, about how to reconcile Strip payments with actual visits

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Great questions. Hopefully we will hear from support soon.

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Click on customer. Create a customer for each patient. We added the name, email and our own identify code if you have one. Then when you look at reports they will have the patients info next to their payment or visit. Hope this helps.


I forgot to add that the customer list is in Stripe which is our credit card provider; NOT in doxy.

This might be the answer that we are looking for! My front office needs the patient information including the last four digits from the credit card the patient uses to document payment in our EMR. I am trying to figure out a procedure to accomplish this. I knew someone else must have had a similar problem.

How does stripe match the (stripe) customer to the credit card that is used to pay in Doxy payment?

To clarify, you are pre-creating the patient (customer) info within Stripe prior to the doxy appointment?

I see that a Doxy employee @patthompson referenced this thread from this thread:

That means that they’re looking but would love a comment to validate Doxy’s review, please. Oh, and maybe an update.

This solution is very awkward and not very workable. We collect copays prior to visits. We don’t know if patients plan to pay by CC until they check in online. As a result, we’d need to create customer accounts for everyone in Stripe. This would mean entering hundreds of customers each month in There needs to be a couple of configurable fields for patients to complete when paying - name and patient ID is what we need. needs to solve this pronto.