Patient redirected to my support summary page

I just had a patient try to connect via invite text link from Doxy and by manually typing the address from her ipad and iphone connected to her mother’s wifi. Both took her to my Doxy support summary page with my Avitar and statistics. Once we turned off wifi and connected via cellular, she went to the right patient page. I am baffled how she could have been redirected and apparently logged into my Doxy support account.

Thank you for posting, @waynesilver. I haven´t been able to reproduce this issue. Do you have any more details (screenshots would be great) you could share with me?

If you don´t want to share here, you can chat with our support team via the Help button on the bottom right of your dashboard or email us at

I do not have any more info as this was from a patient session and I didn’t want to wast their time with unrelated matters. Sorry

I had this issue happen again, and I asked some more questions. From what I could tell, the patient was typing the link into google instead of the address bar. So, I did the same and found that if you search “ waynesilver” (ie, a space instead of “/”), the first link is to my page!!!. More concerning is that apparently it does not require a login to see the page, either!

I just logged out and then tried the Google link again. It does not log you in, per se. But you can see every post I have made. If this is the intended design, then I would need to have my account deleted. I do not want patients or anyone seeing my posts to the discussion groups!

I’d sure like to hear back from support on this post.

I saw your post and googled " waynesilver” and I can indeed see your posts. To reply to your posts I had to log into the system… but I agree that this is concerning since may people don’t truly know how to use a browser and use google to “navigate.”