Patient texting platform

I would like a more robust texting platform to be included in doxy. Since we are able to send out text invites, it seems like a short jump to offer a full texting solution. This would be one where we could send informational texts to any patient and we could accept texts from patients that office staff could answer. There are other texting platforms that offer telemedicine. is a telemedicine app that should offer texting.

What do you think?

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@drknopke this is a great idea. We’ve really wanted to build up our asynchronous abilities, including he ability to have a most robust text-based chat between provider and patients. This is definitely on our radar. Let me loop in the Product Manager that will be leading this project once we are ready @DoctorZ

If you have any thoughts on use cases, or other pain points you feel like this would help solve, we would love to hear them so we can built a better solution.