Patients can’t hear me

Frequently, I have to close the browser and re-login each time. If I go from patient to patient it seems that by the second or third patient they are no longer able to hear me speaking.

Has anyone else had this problem ?


Yes, about half of my calls are going through

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Same issue. Sometimes Wifi dependent but usually my signal is strong.

I’m starting to tell patients, if I lose you (or more specifically, if we lose the ability to hear each other), I’ll send you a new link. When we come back on, audio is restored.

I think we’re having a similar issue. Our workflow has office staff using desktop computer & webcam to register patient, then they pause patient (which sends them back to the waiting room) for provider to connect using iPad. Patient can hear/be heard by office staff on desktop, but half the time they can’t hear and/or can’t be heard by provider on iPad.

Could be a device issue (microphone permission) that’s getting reset when patient is put back in the waiting room - is there any way for Doxy to control that? And why isn’t it consistent? Really wish we could figure this out!

I got this “no hear’ feedback from colleague which matches half of my pt contacts today. Frustrating and time waster.

Yes, sometimes we can cure it but it should not be happening with such frequency

Same issue here with sound and video with multiple users. Have to refresh at least 3x to get sound or video working. Happening more frequent now.