Patients cant hear doctors

Getting more and more reports from my doctors that their patients cant hear them. The patients have done the pre call test as well as the doctors and all seems fine. According to the pre call test everything is working fine (Microphone/ Camera). However, the doctors still cannot hear the patient. Please advise this is becoming a very big issue for a lot of the doctors. As a result, they do not wish to use we have followed all the steps recommended.

Thank you for posting, @varlee-kelleh. I will follow up via chat to get some more details so we can figure this out.

@varlee-kelleh, I see that you already emailed our team this week with a few more details. I’ll look into this further for those providers whose emails you provided already.

I do notice that all of the computers they’re using are running on Windows 10. We have seen an issue with Windows 10 recently where randomly the input/output volume is cut in half. Adjusting the audio bitrate settings has helped those users. Maybe try that while we do some more research.

Windows - Adjust Microphone bit rate.docx (411.7 KB)

I too have noticed that some of my clients can’t hear me at session outset, and it tends to be the ones who did a pre-call test. I now ask folks to refresh after doing the pre-call test and the problem has all but gone away. I’m not sure if it is actually connected but it seems to work.

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