Patients can't upload documents

I have been using the file transfer featureto successfully send and receive documents, for many months. Today all my patients lost the ability to upload files when I request them. He/she chooses the file to upload, then nothing happens and I never receive the file. This has occurred with several patients using different browsers. I usually use Firefox but then tried Safari with the same problem. Using a Mac. Tried restarting. This is a critical feature that I can’t do without.

Thank you for posting, @drkassir, and reporting this bug. We are actively investigating to find the root cause so that we can resolve the issue. I will report back here once we know it is resolved.

I’m having the same problem - multiple clients cannot upload files that we’ve been uploading regularly for many months. It started with one client several weeks ago; then on 8/27 it became a problem for all my clients. Is there some way to be kept informed of the progress on this problem without my having to sign in to community support which I don’t generally do.

Thank you for your comment, @lynnesvirtualoffice. I will comment here once the issue is resolved, which should send you an email. If you prefer, I can also send you a chat in your dashboard to let you know it has been resolved.

Thanks Cullen - this got to my email so that works!

Much appreciated!

Good morning! We have deployed a fix today for the file transfer bug. Please let us know if you still experience issues.

Many - but not all - of the file transfer problems seem to be resolved. I have one longtime client (we’ve been meeting on Doxy for over a year) where file transfer has been a problem since June 25, 2021 and continued not to work on Sept 3; the same problem with file transfer not working then occurred with all of my clients on August 27. The one person who continues to have problems with file transfer (as recently as 9/3) is using the same computer, WIFI and browser that she’s been using all along, since she and I began using Doxy over a year ago.

Thanks for your assistance with this!

Thank you for letting us know, @lynnesvirtualoffice. I’m unable to locate that exact transfer failure to analyze without a few more details. If it happens again with this client, can you write in (via chat on the bottom right corner of your dashboard or via email to with the exact time it happened and the details of what was shown both on your screen and on the client’s screen?

Thanks for following up with me about this! I can tell you that the last time the transfer failed was on Friday September 3 shortly after 2:15 pm. I believe we tried it twice. What’s been described to me is that the client receives the file transfer request and attempted to upload the files but I never received the files. I think she continues to see a dialogue box saying that it’s uploading, and on my end I believe I continue to see the open file transfer dialogue box as I would while awaiting a file transfer.

Does that help? I can also record in real time exactly what happens the next time file transfer fails.


Those details are great!

We have actually found an error associated with this specific issue, but we don’t have the solution for that error yet. This issue seems to be occurring for a very small subset of providers, but we think it’s actually associated with the device on the patient side of the call. In her next appointment, would it be possible to have her try from a different browser or preferably from a different device?