Patients need a prompt to use "do not disturb" to prevent dropped calls

Patients need a prompt to use “do not disturb” to prevent dropped calls.
I often lose audio when they get texted or called in the middle of our call. then it is too late to explain that to them.
please prompt them to use “do not disturb” BEFORE the call.


would have to be after they log in, otherwise they wouldn’t get your text with the invitation link.

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Thank you so much for posting. We are committed to improving our platform to better fit our providers. This is a great recommendation and it is in the right place to be reviewed.

I would recommend adding a text to your waiting room that can advise cell phone users to put their phones on do not disturb before a session.

Depending on how you invite your patients you could also edit your invite and add that recommendation.

  • If you select Invite via–>Email–>Send from<----You can not edit that email.

  • If you select Invite via–>Email–>Use my default email client & Use web service (e.g. Gmail, Hotmail, etc.)<----You can edit those emails.

  • Texts sent from are not editable.

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