Patients not able to connect 7/23/2020

Twice today my patients have not been able to connect as they had in the past. I’m unable to see them or hear them. They can see me and hear me. This just started this morning.

seems we’re having the same issue except vice versa. I can see and hear them, but they cannot see or hear me. it’s been like this since yesterday.

Everything was fine yesterday. Today none of my clients can see me despite all allowances given.

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We had a similar problem today with a patient who was using Firefox. He switched to the new version of Edge, and had no problems. I reported the incident to support.

If you are on Firefox, try Chrome. If your patient is on Firefox, have them switch to Chrome.

having the same issue multiple times today and yesterday

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This happened on the 23 and 24th for me. They see and hear me…I can’t them