Patients see me and hear me but I only get a frozen circle picture of them

have been using Doxy since March with very few problems. Then about 6 weeks ago, when I would admit patient from waiting room, a small box would open with info such as

name of patient, check next to audio, check next to video
type of computer used ( mac, IOS, )
Then some choices: chat, “other”, and audio only. The only one that starts the call is if I click on “audio only”.

Then the call starts, with my video turned off. I quickly enable my video and then my patients see and hear me but all I get is there voice and a small frozen round picture of them. They tell me their video is enabled.

This used to happen 10% of the time. Lately, it is happening almost all the time, I have not seen a patient on video for days.

Any ideas?

Mine’s generally been working find until this morning when 2/2 patients looked connected but I didn’t get any video from them. The funny thing was I wul dget a moment of video at the befinning and them just their pic in a circle.
Also today I noticed for the first time that the page was accessing vimeo, so I wonder if this is a change that that caused that.
My solutions have been to reload the page or switch to another platform like Jitsi or Zoom.