Patients unable to hear my audio

Today, have had 3 clients in a row, on Android phones, say that can not hear me. Any trend? or is it me.

Hi @massenasober thank you for posting. We don’t see any trending/widespread issue related to this in our reports or logging. So I think this might just be a specific case. If you haven’t yet, take a look at this article and let me know if it helps: Unable to Hear Patient (or Patient Unable Hear Me) | Help Center

I am a clinical psychologist, and it almost never works for my patients to access me on their
I Phones.

For a couple weeks I have noticed my clients are having trouble hearing me on their phones. They either have to turn it all the way up or move to another device. I thought it was just me. lol! It’s been since the new year I’ve noticed.

Same problem with android users for me as well. Most often this week theres a video problem

I have asked my clients to go to their phone settings and enable the speaker function. That usually solves the problem.

I, too, have had clients tell me that my sound is way too low and they are having trouble hearing me. They have checked their sound levels and I have checked mine. Nothing seems to work. Unacceptable.

Welcome to the club. I constantly have patients with all types of phone whom I cant hear - to such an extent that I intend to give up my subscription and use a service that actually works properly. Have written in to Doxy and only get back anodyne lists that dont show any understanding the problem.

Reason: Doxy are cruising on the their success and lost sight of looking properly after their clients.

I have a MacBook Air and this happened with one of my clients this week.

I have it on both the end of the client and on my end. Am constantly having to disconnect and reconnect at the start of the session.

This is also happening with me. I’ve had 3 android phone users where I have to switch to Google Meets.

I had someone today using chrome, had good connection, and I could hear her but she could not hear me.