Patients using Firefox can't be seen or heard

Patients who have previously successfully used firefox to connect with me on have had trouble this week. When I connect with them from the waiting room, they can hear and see me, but I cannot hear or see them, even when it is clear that their cameras and microphones are working and have permissions

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Me too! For two clients I have had to use telephone for voice and allow them to see me on the Doxy (free) platform sooo. “Doc see me?” “ah…no I can’t”. One client did switch over from Foxfire to Chrome for our next session and only then were we able use without telephones.
Pittsburgh, PA

Firefox did a new release which could be the cause of audio and video issues.
The issue appears to occur when one participant is using firefox and the other is using chrome. We are working very hard to correct this issue. You can follow the latest updates on this issue on our status page,
Here is the current workaround:
Firefox 80 detailed fix w pictures.docx (200.2 KB)