Payments via Stripe

I would like to see a little more integration between and Stripe. If I accept a payment from a client at the time of service, it would be nice to have an email or text receipt automatically sent to them, and to an email of my choosing (like our billing department). Does anyone else have experience collecting payments via Stripe on doxy?


Hey there! thanks for your input.

We do plan on having a receipt both parties could download at the time of payment. But that’s an interesting idea to have it sent to a specific email for your business. I can’t think of a way to do that as the system is now, but let me look at Stripe. They might have a setting to allow this.


Any idea on the timeframe for having downloadedable receipts at the time of payment?

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Well that’s good info. I’m new to Doxy and I’m really surprised that the patient isn’t sent an immediate payment confirmation. That seems like an easy thing to set up. We already have the patient’s information after all.

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I would just like to know who the patient is that sent a payment. Our billing department is going crazy over trying to find out what account to apply the payments too. Is there a way to do this? The email receipt is great especially if it could go to billing and to the patient.


Yes. A thousand times yes - we need to have a way to find out who is sending payments. An eReciept would work or an automatic email or something. I requested this functionality in October 2018.

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Any progress on this? Shouldn’t stripe be collecting names in its process to verify credit information? All I see in my payment window is a space for credit card number and expiration date.


Our clinic needs to be able to enter the last four digits of the credit card used when documenting the charge in our EMR. A receipt feature with patient and CC information would be very helpful!

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Yes, please work on this Doxy team! We need a way to generate receipts (perhaps via email) or some way of identifying which patient has made a payment once they do so, in order for our billing department to apply the payment to the correct patient account in our EHR.

While the team is actively working on a solution to this, another provider shared their solution within the Stripe dashboard for managing payments received through Hopefully others may find this useful.

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@Hazelmike that’s a great question. I’m glad that @Dylan answered right away (19 months ago) but does not seem like this has been addressed yet. Also, @patthompson who also is a Doxy peep answered last week with a work-around but was wondering if you could also update us on any progress as I see it still in the “Medium-Term” category instead of the “Short-Term?” :pray:

I have not been able to make this work-around work for us. When we receive a payment through Stripe via, it goes into Stripe, but it does not automatically connect the payment with a particular customer. How is this accomplished?

@Hazelmike I believe you manually assign the customer after the payment has gone through and is in Stripe.

I would like to receipt to be sent automatically or at least have the option to have a receipt emailed or text to the patient. I see a lot of first time patients, their info is not and can not be put into stripe. I would have to go to stripe after visit to send a receipt.

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