Performance w/Cell Data and Rural Users

Does anyone have experience with a use case for home health/hospice users? We have fairly consistent performance with our clinicians, who are using Corporate WiFi, but our home health nurses would be using tablets/android devices in rural locations with inconsistent access to good cell signal. This seems like a scenario where might not be a good fit, but wondered if other folks has experience.

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I’m in a rural area in Louisiana doing teletherapy from my home with clients also in rural areas and the internet is spotty at best. I’m on my PC but clients are almost always on their phone. Often the video gets dropped for sound or freezing and then we switch to telephone. I hope it gets better!!!

I’ve had clients use from different locations, and I can definitely see a difference. The higher the quality Internet, the better. I really like Doxy, but there is definitely a threshold below which the call quality can be quite poor.