Phantom Logins, No one there

I have been receiving email notifications that someone is in my waiting room that I was not expecting. I then open my waiting room but no one is there. I have received many of these in the last two weeks but there has never been anyone waiting when I log in… Any thoughts as to why this is happening? It’s always initials or a single name and none of them match my active client list or referral list.

Is is possible your waiting room link was shared with people who are not clients? If so, is there a way to create a new waiting room link?

@weinberger, it is possible to change your room URL in Account Settings > Room tab > Room name. However, please be aware, changing the name would mean that your actual patients would need to be given the updated room URL in order to check in to your new room.

Hi @henryfordlcsw, if you have access to a shared room or are sharing access to your room, this could be the cause. Currently, the notifications feature will send you notifications for all check-ins related to rooms you have access to. So it’s possible that those clients are checking in to see someone else in your group and that’s why they are not there when you login to your room. If this is not the case, then please reach out to me by sending an email to and direct it to Dr. Z. I will then reach out to you to see if I can better understand what might be causing the issue. Thank you.