Photo Capture could include date/time in the image and filename

We have 88 users currently in in a clinic account, and we are having to do a pretty cumbersome workaround to saving evidence of the TeleMed encounter that I think could be much easier with a simple change to the photo capture feature.

In our normal clinic on-site visits, we save the sign-in sheet as evidence that the patient actually did show up for their visit on that day. We scan those in and save them for when payors audit us.

While not technically required in today’s COVID-19 crisis, we are using the photo capture feature as a means to produce evidence of the visit. What the photo capture is missing, however, is a display of the current date/time in the image. So, we are having to show users how to save the file, edit the file name to include date/time, then upload the image into our EMR for safekeeping. If showed the date/time in the image itself and also in the default filename, we could skip these cumbesome manual steps.