Photos share and updates

I remain unable to share only the window of a jpeg with the screenshare. Sharing the whole desktop is not a resolution as this would undermine confidentiality of the clients in my waiting room.
I open jpegs in Windows photos. Is there another program you would recommend I download to successfully share only the jpeg window? Alternatively, is there another solution?

Also, is it possible that developers always inform practitioners of changes prior to launching an update (like 24 hours). I request this 1) because part of creating a safe holding environment is the practitioner have control regarding that environment. If I do not know of changes, it can be a sign that I do not know what is going on and suggest that I do not know how to keep the service user and/or their information/story safe.
2) You all are busy bees! I see you making changes, regularly, and do not always feel like I am harnessing the capacity of the platform because I don’t know what is going on. For example, I made a comment on a post here in discuss.doxy regarding a bug and no longer being able to turn off my mirrored camera. This bug has been resolved and my service user, actually, found this feature before I was made aware.

Thank you for all your hard work. At The Online Psychology Clinic we are just delighted with the platform

Thank you for your positive and constructive feedback as always, Dr. Lauren. Let me see if I can help here.

  1. For your first point, you should be able to select a specific “Application Window” when sharing your screen. For example, on my Macbook, I can select the “Preview” application to share a specific image:

    a. You’ll notice you need to select this “Application Window” at the top of the system popup, and then then specific application for the “Share” button to become active.

  2. You’re correct, we don’t have a good process in place for updating our providers about changes to the website. My original idea was to use this discussion board and post these updates here: But we haven’t stayed on top of that. I will take to my team soon and see if we can put in a good process for this. Even if it’s just a simple sentence or two posted to this topic, and you could subscribe to this topic to get updates. What do you think?

Unfortunately, the window for the Windows “Photos” program does not seem to even appear as an option to select. Other programs do. For some reason, this one just doens’t.
I was advised by Schuyler, historically, to just share the desktop due to this bug however this is not a solution as the service user I am in a call with could see my waiting room if I share my whole desktop. So, for the time being, I can only screenshare images when there is no one in my waiting room and I am not expecting anyone.

The product updates discussion link sounds great if it could be up to date and with 24 hrs prior notice. In reality, I would not be checking updates to see if one has been released, so that idea is perfect as it could have subscription. Your help pages are SO good. For these product update notifications even a one liner and a screenshot might be sufficient just so that practitioners have the heads up.


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