Picture-in-picture for clients

I really enjoy the picture-in-picture feature. It’s nice to have the client’s face just floating on my desktop rather than seeing the whole internet window- and to put them right by the camera for optimal eye contact, and to make them as big or little as I like. It’s also especially useful when I’m doing EMDR and therefore have another window (remotEMDR) on my screen- they can just float above it. What I’d really like is for my clients to be able to do picture-in-picture- for general quality of experience, but especially for ease in creating a good set up when we’re doing EMDR. They’ve told me they don’t have the feature and I confirmed it by going to my site as a guest. If you all could add that feature - a client being able to do picture-in-picture - I would find it really helpful. Thanks!


Thank you for the feedback, this is really helpful understanding the use cases. I’m going to ask our team to take a look at making this available on the patient/client side as well.

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