PLEASE - allow the invite me text copy to be editable

I want to second this request! We would love to be able to edit the text for the different languages our patients speak and include instructions on how to click the link etc. Also being able to include appointment time would be immensely helpful!!


I would like to be able to text an appt date/time to the client so they can click when ready for the appt. So far it is in the moment which does help about 10% of the time. Most of my clients use text for their appts, this additional would be very helpful.
I second the information about editing the message so I can include a passcode and other details.
If possible please also include for free in the professional level the telehealth release. I am at professional level and expect to be able to provide the release to my clients right on the call or prior to the call. Please help me find value in the monthly fee vs the free level.


We are using the virtual waiting room as a way for patients to wait in their car for an in-person appointment during the pandemic. Even if you do not want to allow customization of the text message invite, it would be wonderful if you would provide a second text message option that simply says “Please click this link to check in for your appointment.” so that they don’t get confused by the video visit message.

I want to add that I was suprised at the fixed text msg when I first tried it, and abandoned it as not conveying the correct information. I think it is safe to say that most practitioners are now dealing with a large percentage of their patients who rely on text, and e-mail is often the last go to source of info. Certainly, you Doxy folks can work your magic and enable us to alter the msg, or have a second text msg option as hrea (above) suggested. I’m liking the improvements you folks are making. Could you put this on your to-do-soon list? Make a lot of our lives much easier.

I don’t think that’s a safe assumption at all!

A majority of the providers using are using free accounts, which don’t have access to text message invites. How are those providers getting patients to their waiting rooms?

Furthermore, my own interactions with our paid subscribers makes me think it’s pretty close to even between those who prefer text or email invites. Plus some don’t use either of them!

Our team was using a free account initially, but still relying on text through a different program (our patient portal) to send the link via text message. It was exceptionally clunky and it is MUCH easier to manually send the invite via text through doxy. I think it’s important to note that many patients truly do rely on text messaging before email, even if not through doxy singularly. When we were using our patient portal we were able to get very few patients registered as it relied on email, but through text message were able to connect to the majority of our patients.

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Thanks for your input, that is very interesting!

I didn’t mean to imply that there are not providers who don’t really, really rely on text messaging to invite their patients. But there are also quite a few who do not. We occasionally encounter problems with both kinds of invites, where other partners of ours have server issues or something like that. Both provoke a rush of questions from customers, so they are both pretty heavily relied upon.

The info about the patient portal texts is very interesting though, I had not considered that.

The issue is not the doctors, it’s the patients. Patients are certainly more apt to text than use email and a simple text edit function for clinic users would go a long way to support flexible workflows to engage patients with the tool