Please consider compatibility with Internet Explorer

The main challenge we have with patients getting connected at home is when they have Internet Explorer and get the red error message screen. IE is the default browser on most PC’s, so this presents a consistent challenge. If Doxy were compatible with IE, it would resolve a huge percentage of our sessions where patients are unable to connect. We want their first telemedicine experience to be awesome, but when they have trouble at the first interaction, it becomes discouraging for them.

We will support the latest Microsoft Edge browser, but not IE (even Microsoft doesn’t support it anymore).

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Sorry - I did mean Microsoft Edge. All of our staff have this on their computers and the Doxy links do not work with Edge.

Hmm, is it the latest version of edge? Should be like ~81. Could you send me a screenshot of the error message?

What’s interesting is that most of our computers have Chrome as the default browser, but when we get a Doxy invite, it defaults to open in Edge, so we have to manually paste the link into Chrome.

It should open on your default browser, are you opening the link using Outlook? Perhaps Outlook’s default browser is Edge.

The latest version of Edge is supported

Because I am not using a computer I am using my IPhone 11