Please turn on the Telemed consent form

While I know the telemed consent from isn’t required in these COVID-19 crisis days, we are still wanting to follow all the standard non-crisis rules. Without the automated form in, we are simply getting verbal consent and documenting it in our EMR chart notes. But having the actual form displayed to patients, electronically signed, and savable as a file that we can upload into the EMR would be much more solid documentation than a simple note in the EMR chart.


We paid for this so why is it not there???


I agree but am not too worried if Trump states we can use sites like Facetime, google Duo; then I think we will all be good to go.

Does anyone know if the telemed consent forms have been integrated into the software?

Hi all! We are actively working on a solution to re-implement the teleconsent feature within We had to freeze the feature during the last two weeks due to increased demand and a limitation on support resources. We are very close to having a more sustainable solution in place and hope to turn this back on within the next few weeks. We will update this thread when the feature is back up and running. Thank you all for your patience and for your continued support of! We’re grateful for all you are doing especially in these incredibly difficult times. :heart:


That’s fine if your only goal is to survive this next few weeks. My concern is that TeleMed will continue to be an important part of our lives going forward, and the habits we set today will be hard to break when the crisis is over. So, best to just do the right thing now and make the habit a good one.


Thank you for responding. Please add an obvious link when you can so-we can review and begin using.

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If you’re a member of the NASW, there’s a Telemental Health Consent Form on their site… That’s what I’ve been using. For electronic signatures … there are instructions on YouTube (for iPhone and Android) … I then sign, scan and email clients their respective executed copies.

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Perfectly worded @ProspiraIT

One up vote for the topic and one up vote for this reply @patthompson. Please keep us in the loop. Additionally, I’ve uploaded a template telemed consent from my med mal insurance, TDC (The Doctors Company). Its 3 pages so way too long but giving you the info to do what you want with it… oops, just got an error, “Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.” Oh well :cry:

Pat, any update on this?

I have been doing part-time telehealth for a number of years.Just created my own consent for it to incorporate into my regular consent form, with a second/separate signature line. Many colleagues who are now having to do telehealth too have done the same. Sample forms are widely available online for you to customize to your needs. In the meantime at least…


Yes. Are you a member of the National Association of Social Workers? The consent is on NASW’s website. social

@drazizi thank you for that. I’d love also to have it seamlessly as part of the Doxy.Me experience. That is, when you log into my virtual waiting room there’s a consent for you to sign off. I know you’re a private citizen here like the rest of us just providing feedback in case the Doxy people are still reading this :wink:


Pat Thompson…I see that your post saying that the consent form would be available is about two weeks was dated over 8 weeks ago…Is it on Doxy and i just don’t see it…?? Important. Thanks. And thanks for all you do with Doxy.


Does anyone from Doxy ever read these posts? sO many questions and issues that remain unreeled to.

Teleconsent is available for our Clinic account users. To request to add teleconsent to your Clinic account, please have your account owner email and our Sales team will assist!