Poor connection problems

I have had poor connections all week. Patients would freeze up, poor picture quality and have tried everything on my end to correct this. Is there a Server Issue? Anyone else have this problem.
August 15-20.
Dr. Douglas O. Brady

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Thank you for posting, @drdougbrady. We have not had any server issues this week nor have we seen an uptick in poor connections across the board. We did take a look into some of your visits from this week to see if we could pinpoint a reason.

What we found:

  • There were some calls where patients had poor connection, but a bigger symptom seems to be inconsistency in the connection on your end
  • There were some calls where packet loss was very high (which would cause freezing up and lower picture quality)

Some common practices to try to improve packet loss/connection in general:

  • Adjust the video resolution to Low Definition for calls for smoother video on lower bandwidth (then scale up to SD or HD as the connection on both sides allows)
  • Use a wired Internet connection instead of WiFi
  • If unable to use a wired connection, try moving the device closer to the WiFi router
  • On a mobile device, use WiFi instead of 3G/4G/5G data
  • Refresh the router by unplugging it, waiting about 10 seconds, and plugging it back in (this helps install any firmware updates that may be needed)
  • If the router is 4+ years old, it may be time to replace it
  • Reduce the number of browser tabs/applications that are open during a call to free up the CPU processing power
  • Consider whether upgrading to a higher bandwidth internet plan is necessary

I have experienced the same. I am directly connected to the internet with a cable. I did refresh it as well. I experienced loss of connection a few times this morning. Does it help to turn off wi-fi?

Jane Soderberg

Thanks for the reply. Have done these suggestions. Hoping AT&T Technician will come on site and troubleshoot and fix connection. Wired Internet connection is hard to find.
Dr. Douglas O. Brady

Thanks for commenting, Jane. I have experienced computers where having the WiFi switched on while hardwired did impact the connection because the computer was occasionally searching for WiFi instead of using the hardwired connection. You can try turning off the WiFi and see if that helps.

If you continue to see issues, you can always reach out to our support team via chat or via email (support@doxy.me). Be sure to include specific dates and times (with time zone) when you encountered issues, as well as the URL you were using for the visit: clinicname . doxy . me / roomname or doxy . me / roomname.

Hi Dr Brady,
I frequently have the same issue and honestly I’m a little tired of the issues being blamed on customer’s internet. Yes you can upgrade but when other colleagues use the same internet with other programs and have no issue ~ have to wonder?!
I think I’m done with Doxy.
Annoyed clients. Dropped sessions. Lost revenue.
18 months in and these are still issues.

I agree with you. Looking at other platforms now. My Internet is fine for connection. I paid to have AT&T technician come out and check everything. Even bought a WiFi Extender which is always green for good connection between router and extender. I wonder too about what is causing this all of a sudden.
Dr. Brady

I was absolutely losing it for quite some time until I switched to a reasonably priced chromebook … this replaced my Apple device which was not reliably connecting w non-Apple devices. It’s working fine now. I literally had started to check out the telehealth component of ) ICA Notes and 2) MEND but now have gone back to Doxy after herring an Acer Chromebook

I too have had poor connection problems for more than 3 weeks now- especially freezing and pixelated video. It always says that my patients have unstable or poor connections, but I find that hard to believe with all pts using all different devices from different locations.
I have tried different devices and internet sources (wifi, hot spot, new router with mesh system, etc) with same result. When I switch to other platforms like Zoom or Teams for meetings they work fine. Why does Doxy say every pt has a poor connection?

Thank you for adding your comments, @Revision and @drrosenbloom. Unfortunately, we can’t diagnose any issues you might be experiencing without knowing a few more details. If you could write in to our support team via chat (available from the bottom right of your dashboard) or email (support@doxy.me) with specific dates, times with time zones, and room name (if you’re on a Clinic or Enterprise subscription) that you experienced issues, we can take a closer look to try to figure out where the problems lie.

To @robertschultemd’s point, we have been seeing issues more frequently with Apple devices than others and are continuing to try to resolve those with each update to iOS and Mac OS.

@drdougbrady, if you would like us to look into some more of your calls, we would certainly be happy to do that as well.