Poor connection, recommending audio only calliing

Has anyone else been getting the message that the connection with the client is poor and that the call should be switched to audio only? I’ve gotten this message almost every session for the past week or so, in spite of having good connectivity on my end and also good connection on the part of the client.


Me too! Started about 2 wks ago.


Even with earphones for both client and me, several sessions has had to be closed down within the first five minutes as there were delays, and then very slow video and audio being out of sync with picture. Have to keep going to people’s phones. Several connections with ear phones have gotten better, but some just are horrible and waste valuable time.


Yes, this started happening in last 2 weeks at beginning of session but then the message goes away by about 10 min into session and session doesn’t drop so what is that about? Also, definition starts out as low so what exactly am I paying for?


I"m having the same problem.

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has anyone figured out why this is happening. I am getting it almost every session too!


Started a out two weeks ago when schools started in Northern Virginia. Happening way too often. I upgraded my fios speed 2+ months ago.

I have been experiencing this very same issue, and actually had numerous sessions be dropped in the middle of them. With some sessions being dropped numerous times. I thought that it was an issue with my internet, but when I had my provider out they could not find any issues. I am wondering if there was some update done on Doxy’s end that means connections with certain computers are not as stable as they were previously, and so the older computers are no longer as compatible. I only say this since I just got a brand new work computer today, and only had the message twice and no dropped sessions. It’s still early in the week, so it could also start occurring again tomorrow, but could be a possibility. If not, has anyone come across a solution?

same with me on my end and on pts. end. we continue but the pic quality is horrible. both pt and I have been in wifi. Very frustrating.

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I have been experiencing the same issues. Connection was fine until about 2 weeks ago

Same here with poorer connection. Does seem to coincide with schools starting up virtually – perhaps more individuals in client’s home using increased band width?

Yes, I have had this problem so frequently I’ve considered stopping Doxyi.
Very slow connection, no picture, call dropped, audio only and that’s not great, say they can’t access my video. It’s terrible that it wrecks sessions.


I agree with you all… for about 2 weeks now, a major reduction in reliability, even tho I upgraded to Pro. Calls dropping a lot, sessions massively interrupted. I have strong fiber internet here and I’m connected by ethernet cable to the router, so this seems to be on Doxy’s end. My clients tell me their internet is fine and they haven’t been having trouble elsewhere. So frustrating!


Has anyone called Doxy recently to ask them if they are aware or have any advice? I left a message today.

I called Doxy, and one of the technicians reviewed my calls and the internet speed for those. I’m still having trouble, but at least on my end, using an ethernet cable has helped. My clients’ connections aren’t always great, though.

Same issue also started about 2 weeks ago. Very frustrating. If it gets worse without a solution would have to drop the service.

I’ve had to drop back to Doximity or Zoom, both of which have worked a lot better the last 2-3 weeks than Doxy.me.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing for me is that I can’t click on the “audio only” button while it’s attempting and failing to connect the video. I have to basically toss the patient out of the connection and make them connect again before I can attempt the audio. After the second or third time I pretty much just switch to Doximity.

I’m about to recommend that we terminate the contract for Doxy, it’s gotten so bad.

Yes I have been getting this message almost every session, if I stay in the call I loose the video on and off. With one Client with home I have had consistently good calls I can’t hear them or see them but they hear me and see me. I have had to resort to telephone calls or face time.

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Same problems past couple of weeks . Very disruptive and I too am considering alternatives to doxy.me, tho I’ve paid for a year of service!

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Yes I have had this happen a lot the last couple weeks. Some of my sessions they can hear and see me and all I have is black screen. I know in our area they’ve been updating telephone wires and cell towers to the 5G. Not sure if these are my issues or not.