Poor connection, recommending audio only calliing

Yes, almost every session for the past week as well.

I have also had the same problem- and it has been distracting.

all day today. did a zoom meeting fine. sessions freezing logging out. Facebook video with family fine. followed by session again poor connection. same room. same internet. same computer .

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I am looking today for alternatives. this is so distracting when clients are trying to speak on important matters

I get that message frequently, sometimes the call drops, sometimes it continues without interruption. I don’t know how to trouble shoot it, it is very frustrating. It has been going on longer than 2 wks for me.

Same here, started 2-3 weeks ago, just with 2 clients. They can see and hear me, I cannot see or hear them. We have to talk on the phone. Very unsatisfying! I was hoping the new version of Doxy would help, but it hasn’t.

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Yes, I’ve been having this same issue lately too.

I had it happen today as well. The patient that it happened with was on a Macbook, and I wonder if the new IOS update is part of the problem. Is Doxy.me not playing well with the new ios?

Yes me too, in the past week. But just with one client and I noticed she was using Firefox rather than Chrome. When she switched to Chrome, we were able to connect

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Yes, frequently…and maddeningly

I’m actually surprised I haven’t seen a comment like the one I’m about to make. Yes, I have gotten the annoying yellow bar message about considering switching to audio only. However, it does go away as others have said, and my connection has been quite good throughout. As a matter of fact, two months ago I was considering leaving because of variable quality. For the last five weeks, my quality has been excellent, despite the warning bar.

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Have you solved this problem. This is frustrating having sessions go in and out and being told to reload page. What do you do?

Same issue here too starting around the time school went back here in NJ. It does go away after a few minutes and for the most part I am not having any audio issues when that yellow bar comes up. And I can’t switch to the audio only if I wanted to.

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Once of the recommendations was to make sure both parties have Google Chrome (has the best video platform) as their search engine and if the client is calling on their phone, obviously they have to download Doxyme. That has made a huge difference in the quality of video/sound.

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It is a constant problem. Unfortunately camera shy clients take the advice and I can’t get them back on camera.

I have also and sometimes I’m getting long delays.

Yes! I have been kicked out of my sessions more than once.

Yes. I am having the same problem especially over the past several weeks.
I hope Doxy.me can adress this issue. An ability to support a reliable and consistant connection is crucial.
Thomas D, LMHC

Yes I have had that message several times, almost all calls this week. In addition, I had a pt sign into my waiting room and they showed up as in the waiting room, but the pt didn’t see my waiting room they were on a page that as. ked them to sign up with D--oxy.me as a provider. The pt signed off, turned off the device, turned it back on again and the same thing happened. The pt read the login to me and the pt had logged into the right place. We had to end the call. I contacted doxy and they indicated that the pt had not used the right login.

Yes, happening to me too. And sometimes it still says connecting but the patient can already see and hear me and I can hear the patient.

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