Poor connections, mike and lapping up noises or bubble popping

just wondering, i get sounds like a dog is lapping up water every time we talk mostly in the evening…or lagging behind or a very poor pic…am sure it is due to their connection…
also either my mike or their mike goes, most of the time it is there mike as they touched something…
in the beginning of April i had no issues with doxy.me
now it is almost 50% of my time there is an issue and I lose 10=15 mins of the session… i often log out and back in…and that fixes the mike issue for me, but these are all issues that have started the past month or two…I am using the free version, but not sure I want to pay for something that will be this disruptive…
I have told folks wifi is not solid, and if the phone is old, and that it can be the traffic and poor connections of the internet. One person can be great and the next one poor…comments?? suggestions???

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I have the same issues and signed up for the pro version hoping this would alleviate the problem. It did not.


I found doxy unusable for the issues you describe b

Yes, agree completely with you. I had to switch to my venue for large online groups: GotoMeeting. Or, clients switched me to their Zoom page.

I am a therapist who had a therapist for a client this week. She shared that her community of therapists are having complaints about the qualtity of Doxy service online. I hope that today’s Doxy upgrade will solve the problems. I have the Professional Grade version, too. It has not solved my problems.

My experience has been that it is Iphones that have this issue. Also they need to turn on Do No Disturb. Does not always help.

Same thing here… I can’t understand how either the mic or video just go. I am booked and have limited time, sometimes there is very little time left because of this problem

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I have to agree with use of Doxy. Some weeks are better than others, but the dropping parts of conversations, clients freezing on the screen, and challenges staying connected interrupt sessions. I was thinking of getting the professional version…now I’m not sure?

i am finding that with other platforms…has to do with band with of either you or your client…
the world is using the internet.
my bad times are usually worse around 6 pm est


I have the pro version and this week has been terrible in that regard

so i was told this is an internet problem and bandwidth…
it happens to me and has been around 6 pm before covid and now at my home, around 6-8 pm…especially if the other person is using a cell phone and wi fi…

I had major problems yesterday, where I heard a lot of noises on calls, but worse than that, I was having trouble even entering a call, or else I was on the call, and the client was unable to log on, and we had to switch to a phone call. This is very bad for therapy and it makes me look unprofessional.

that happens to me as well.
can you call in 2 people on one call if it is free?? i mean invite 2 to split screen??? otherwise i have used 2 lap tops side by side and that works…
there were problems on zoom conference calls depending upon from where in the world you are calling from…i think it is band width. I tell all my clients that since use is so high, we may switch to a phone call. I have also in the past, used video and a phone so we can have clear audio…it is what it is…
feel free to comment…

I too am having problems with the audio. As a provider, I have used Doxy as of March, 2020. All was well until a few days ago, and during my therapy video calls with patients, there is this terrible cracking sound. and have the professional upgrade. Many of my patients are annoyed and I’m thinking of finding a reliable platform. Any suggestions?

I think they may have rolled out Doxy before it was ready for prime time. I now have a backup portal and will be moving from Doxy in one month if they can’t get their service to professional grade in that time.