Popup Ads appearing in midst of a session


8/26/20 I’ve been been experiencing a phenomenon that has occurred off and on since I’ve had doxy.me in 3/2020. I’ll be in the middle of a doxy.me video conferencing session, and I will notice that on the bottom right of my screen will appear an ad of some type. The latest that popped up yesterday was something, as best I could tell, that was offering a movie trailer for “wonder woman”. My problem has been that I can’t tell specifically what these pop-ups are because I refuse to quit focusing on my patient during the session. It’s incredibly frustrating as I am paying for the professional version of doxy.me and so I thought it would be ad free. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there any way that you can get rid of these ads or pop-ups? Thanks for any advice you can give.

I do not believe there are any ads on any of the versions of doxy.me. I am on the professional version and I can tell you I’ve definitely never seen any sort of ads.

Instead, it sounds to me like some sort of browser adware add-on/extension/software was downloaded and installed on your device.

I have seen this often over the years as I help other individuals with computer issues. I do not work for doxy, but my recommendation would be to download and run an antivirus/anti-malware type of software that can hopefully find and eliminate the source of the ads.

Hope this helps!

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I have never seen any pop up ads during a session. I would suspect it is some other program causing this.

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Your browser likely has something installed in it causing the ads. It was likely installed as a browser add-on from surfing another site. It is odd to jump to conclusions that Doxy would be doing that. Lets turn this around a bit, you should be keeping a secure, clean work space to provide patient care. They are owed this. It sounds like you may not have an IT crew and quite possibly have poor security software installed on your system. It is advisable you consult with a professional as Doxy has nothing to do with this and cannot help you.