Post-session billing

Apparently billing must be done WHILE the call is in session or while the patient is in the virtual waiting room. In a real office there is reason that billing and payment collection are NOT done by the physician…because it is a distraction from the care the physician is providing and also sometime can seem mercenary and a conflict of interest. I would like to be able to bill the patient AFTER a call/session has been completed so that the patient feels he/she has already received a (hopefully) satisfactory service for their money.

Hi, thank you for posting. I agree with the workflow you are proposing and it is a better experience for everyone.

While we work on a solution I propose this work around.

  1. Have your session like normal
  2. At the end say something like “I’m going to put you on hold so the system can collect payment”
  3. Press the “pause” button
  4. Initiate the payment extension to accept payment

Not ideal, but I wanted to provide something while we work on a more permanent workflow.

I am trying to decided how to bill insurance and to get a patient’s insurance verified before the visit, along with their copay. If you have ever seen the patient in the office it’s no problem, but what if it’s a new patient?