Posting payments from - Stripe on correct patient account in our usual accounting software

So we have begun using the platform. Our patients are paying at the start of the session. We have Stripe account established and have successfully been reimbursed. However, Stripe’s deposits are appearing in our account in a batch style. So, we are having trouble figuring out which patient to apply the payment to on their accounts in our typical software. Also, the fees being deduced makes it harder to match payment to patient appropriately. Is there an invoicing feature or way to ensure we are crediting the correct patient account with the payment???

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I posted on this earlier as did another user, and I don’t think this has been resolved.

This has also been a problem for us as well. We are 15 providers. It becomes quite time consuming to try to reconcile a payment to the correct patient account / provider account. The Stripe report lacks any sort of patient identifiers other than the last 4 numbers of the credit card they used. This makes it quite hard to reconcile. I called Stripe to see if they would have any solutions and they could not offer me any help other than contacting Doxy. Doxy informed me that this capability does not exist (they don’t keep any patient data) and to post it on the blog for possible alternatives solutions.

So if anyone knows of a good way to solve this, let me know.


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