Pre-call test for patient

Pre-call test should be available to patient at same time as thheinvite - would save a lot of re-starting and delay.

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I agree this would be great to have

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It already exists. Once they have signed in, they can test by pushing the test button on the lower left ahead of session. Goes through all the functions that they will use.

When I signed up a new client, have an explanation where they try to sign in to my waiting room without me there. Lets them know if they have the correct browser, and pushing the test button allows them to test their system. I just go through it step-by-step with themn my write up. Seems to work.

I don’t see that test button on the Pro version.

I have Pro Version. Just sign is as a client, and you will see the pre-call test button.

I sent an invite to myself both via text and email – there is no pre-call test button on the patient side, only a link to the doxy help center. Only pre-call test button is on my dashboard. Maybe I’ll contact Doxy if you say your patients have it on their side.


I just tested this. On a computer, the “client side” view shows a “Pre-call Test” button just like the provider view. On a phone - no button, no hidden menu option - nothing. I used Chrome browser for both (in Windows 10 & Android 10). So you are all correct. It would be nice to have that option on the mobile version as well.

Once your patient checks in from their mobile device, they will see the Pre-Call Test button directly below their image.

Rebecca, not true… just checked into my waiting room on my samsung galaxy and no pre’-call test button appears under my picture or anywhere.

My apologies, it is available on iPhone, let me double check on Android for you!

My person who has an android phone said she does not see a pre-call testing button.