Preimum support

I paid for the pro version that says it comes with premium support. Even the icon on support says, :you have access to premium: but you can’t click into the premium support.

I think they have a lot of bugs this week - had to do all my sessions on zoom or facetime for past two days. Also my clients can’t see or hear me.

I too have problems with accessing premium support, as well as issues that cover the spectrum of frustrating examples mentioned in multiple complaints. Until recently, I couldn’t even find a phone number to talk to a real person in real time. I understand that we are all being asked to be patient during this trying time. However, I’ve been a customer for several months, and things appear to be getting worse rather than better. As soon as a viable alternative arises, I am moving on.

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The Firefx bug is still not fixed Multiple times a day a patient cant hear or see me, and I see they are using firefox. And yes I can ask everyone to switch to chrome, stand on their heads, whatever to get the software to work. But this bug been there for at least three weeks without a word from support when will it be fixed
Calling support is a waste of time - they cant fix the software
I use Zoom for half the patients. It always work if patients are able to download and sign in. Prefer doxy because of HIPAA requirements - just not a solid solution and no promise they can keep up with ongoing OS updates etc. in a timely fashion.

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