Premium features not working

I am unable to use the features that supposedly come with my PRO subscription:

  • Unable to activate text message notification that a patient checked in

  • I turned on feature for sound notification that a patient has checked in, but I still don’t receive sound notifications

  • Unable to activate feature that allows me to download meeting history


I have some of the same issues. They seem to come and go randomly and are never consistent.

I have same issues at times as well. And, with Windows 11 Edge search engine it will often say in right corner of screen camera is turned off. This is not true and I do a pre-check before each session now.

Hi, I’m sorry for the trouble. We are not aware of anything systemic going on in this regard. If you could please reach out to we will work with you individually to get to the bottom of the problem.

I am having the exact same issues except none of the premium features have ever shown up on my dashboard.