Previously working laptop no longer works with

Two instances of this:

  • Had a session with a client June 28, no problem. Had his next session the very next week July 4, I could not see client (I could hear him, and he could see and hear me). He was using the same laptop as the week before. He said he had tried the test call prior and seemed fine. But could not seem to access his camera. Attempted logging out and in again, attempted restarting his computer, attempted going into settings. Nothing seemed to work. He even tried a second laptop and a cellphone, but apparently couldn’t access the camera and microphone on either of those devices. In the end, he had to borrow a tablet to use, which I still had to walk him through enabling permissions in settings, but at least it worked. We had lost half our session time. And he has not returned since, I’ve lost him as a client because of this!

  • Had several sessions with another client, no problem over May and June. It worked fine June 29, but on July 19 but I could not see or hear her. She was using the same laptop, on Chrome, as before. Rather than waste time, we did not try to troubleshoot much, just switched to using on her cellphone.

Your email support was no help at all, could not identify what the problem was nor identify any real solution. He only recommended my clients reach out via your support page for assistance. Clients should not be asked to troubleshoot. Some clients, such as the one I lost above, are elderly and/or technologically illiterate.

Totally agree that the burden should not be put on the clients, who are already in varying degrees of distress or they would not be seeking psychotherapy. When I have had sessions like this, I have reduced my fee significantly in order to avoid losing the client. Sometimes, they are not elderly or technically illiterate, but sometimes they are extremely sophisticated and used to delivering high end service in their own professions and/or receiving high end service. It makes us appear less than professional. This is not high end, nor is it satisfactory.