Privacy issue with discuss page

My original post seems to be dead, so I’m reposting this concern. A patient of mine accidentally found that if you search " waynesilver” (ie, a space instead of “/”), the first link is to my page!!!. More concerning is that apparently it does not require a login to see my posts on the page, either!


I went to use my Firefox which I keep as uncached and uncookied and concur that I’m able to get into this discussion page without any log in. :dizzy_face:

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Agreed. Very concerning and definitely should not be happening. Thanks for bringing this to light. please secure these discussion forums asap, google should not be able to access them!


Good afternoon. Thank you for voicing your concern over this topic. Within the Privacy Policy, it does state that you are able to “visit our site without registering.” However, I would be happy to remove any posts and comments from the forum if you do not want them visible to anyone not logged in to the forum.

We continue to maintain our support options found via the HELP button in the bottom right corner of your dashboard as well as via email to if you prefer to not have an open discussion.

We are also building out as a more valuable tool for users to be able to report issues and to suggest new features. On this feedback site, Feature Requests and Integrations will be visible to anyone (even those not logged in), but Reported Bugs will only be visible to logged-in users. Just as with this forum, only logged-in users will be able to post, to vote, or to comment. If you are interested in testing this feedback tool out, please let me know either here or via email to

Now to follow up and be informed when Doxy fixes this problem.

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