Problem with sound when a second provider joins the call

We are having difficulty with the patient hearing a second provider who comes in to consult on the appointment. The providers can hear each other, but the patient cannot hear the added provider. Is there a work-around or something we’re missing? We’d rather not have to use phones in addition to the platform.


We’re having something slightly different where the second provider can’t hear the patient, but the first provider and patient can hear the second provider.

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We are having a similar issue with Group Calls.
1-1 calls seem fine-- but we do experience one party in a group of 3 or more having a problem with audio. I see other threads in Doxy discussions with this same symptom.

We have the same problem as well. We use interpreters and when we bring in the interpreter, frequently the client and interpreter can’t hear each other. This isn’t all the time but frequent enough to frustrate our clients and therapists as they then have to switch to a call.

We are seeing the same thing frequently. Any updates from Doxy on this?

Third person on a call continues to be an issue. We can do provider to patient and provider to provider, but when we put both providers in the room with a patient, they either can’t hear each other or today, can’t see eachother.