Problems with clients connecting video through Doxy

my last client yesterday 1/19 and my first client today 1/20 both got messages that their
cameras were disabled - they tried enabling cameras both on HP and IPhone - neither was able to enable video - anyone else having this issue?

My client’s have been having problems connecting and with sounds for the past two days also. Doxy has been dropping calls the past two days, sound and camera’s are not connecting even when clients use chrome or firefox. One client was on my virtual waiting room for 18 minutes and I could not see her we once we connected sound was not working. My camera keeps going off too. I think there is a bigger problem happening with doxy and they need to address it. I hope it’s not creating to much of a chaos for you as much as it’s created for me.

This can happen if the client has not closed out a zoom session. It has happened to me. Both applications are trying to access the same camera

I have had several clients with the same issue in the last 2 days. Last week it was my camera that wouldn’t turn on even though settings said it was on. I just kept closing and signing on again until it worked. It shouldn’t be this way…

I found that if someone is in the waiting room for too long we will then have problems connecting. I encourage people not to come into the waiting area for more than 5 minutes prior to the session. I too have had multiple issues over the last couple of weeks. People couldn’t hear me very well because the volume wasn’t there, calls getting dropped for no reason, audio isn’t in sync. It seems when Doxy asks how a call went it is usually being asked after a good connection and rarely when the connection was awful! I just committed to a year and now I am beginning to regret the decision. I am hopeful that these problems can get addressed and fixed. I also wish they would add some features to spruce up the application.

When that happens with my computer or the client’s computer, I usually just refresh my screen. That usually resolves the problem. Sometimes the client refreshes their screen and that resolves the issue.

Camera and Mike must be turned on in the BROWSER (chrome or safari) some times even though you set it there it needs to be reset again :slight_smile:

First session today I had to go to telephone because whenever I clicked on the client, the call would drop while the video was connecting. She tried 7 times on two different browsers as well as two different devices. This renders DOXY useless for now. I will see if this happens with the next client.