Problems with Doxy this week


Has anyone had difficulties connecting with doxy this week? I don’t use it often (once per week), but this week I had two clients and we spent 15 minutes trying to connect. I can see myself, but I can’t see them… It could be connection issues on the clients’ end, but I thought I would ask…


Yes, I also had problems with web cam. Tried to sign in several times with clients. Web cam would not work.


This week seemed fine from my end, but one client got repeated errors that he wasn’t allowing access to camera/mic. We both reset equipment, and that specific error disappeared, but were still unable to connect.


Hi all, I appreciate everyone trying to help each other! As grows we hope to grow our community as well.

We didn’t get any more reports of issues this last week than normal, so I’m thinking it’s more isolated cases. So let’s try and figure out what’s going on.

Not having a working camera/microphone can definitely cause issues with being able to connect. If you can’t see yourself in the top right corner (or just see a black box), that means we can’t get access to your camera. To fix this, see our help desk article on my patient can’t see me.

If you can’t see them, or they are having trouble allowing access to their camera, see our article on I can’t see my patient’s video.

In those articles are links to different resolutions to problems that can cause this problem: another application is using the camera, permission wasn’t given successfully ect. Take a look and let us know if those articles help.

We recently released our new Patient Queue and it contains a feature where you can see if the person has a working camera and microphone. There will be a red camera or red microphone icon if we can’t get access to it for some reason. You’ll also be able to see what type of computer/browser they are using to help you help them diagnose and fix the issue.

If you are having consistent problems with just one or two of your patients, the problem might be on their end. Ask them to contact our patient support so we can help them directly.