Problems with doxy this week?

Has everyone been having trouble with the app this week? My video keeps freezing.

Major problem with sound from client/patient’s end. No matter what we do, did not work. so disappointing not being able to contact help in realtime or at all for that matter. I’m a paying customer.

Yes! asychronous freezing intermittantly throughout eache session. Paid account here.

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The crunching noise that distorts sound takes up to 2 minutes to clear on every call! It was claimed to be fixed; still waiting. Many of my clients prefer phone or facetime. One client was researching and suggested duo! Our time does not need to include reasons why doxy isnt working and solutions so we can just connect! Please help.

this can be an issue - I try and let clients know that they need to put devices on do not disturb , if any activity occurs it disrupts connection slightly and there is at times a reboot if you will with sounds. also this platform is smoother on laptops and PC. I run the doxy test before every session - as I have an apple and it helps accept it -

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All week this week I haven’t been able to connect except one time so I had to switch to Zoom for those calls which I’m not comfortable with. What’s going on? Is there customer service (other than bots)?

When a call is interrupted with a text or call the sound stops working and we have to refresh or restart the device.

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Screen freezing 50 percent of several calls!

Consistently freezing throughout the sessions, whereas this was not occurring in previous weeks. Needed to re-start several sessions, often needing to reschedule due to multiple outages in a single session. Paying client. Please resolve asap.

Thank you for commenting, @sandrabelanger. Can you write in to us via chat (bottom right of your dashboard) or via email ( with the dates/times of the calls where this has occurred so we can help analyze/troubleshoot?

After months of struggling with frozen images of me , no image of me, inaudibility to patients,I upgraded my WiFI in the hopes it would these problems. It has not! It is embarrassing and unprofessional to have to perpetually deal with these issues. The fact that I am paying 35$ a month for this nonsense just adds to my irritation. Today I got multiple messages that my camera was not on, when it absolutely was! My image came back briefly…only to disappear again. Dealing with patients who are bringing sensitive issues to therapy makes this dysfunction feel like I am providing bad care.Not sure what else to do. Most recent dysfunctional call was at 230 today. I had to reschedule a 2 pm appointment because nothing at all was working

Thank you for your comment, @hstauber. I sent you an email so I can try to help fix the issues you’ve been having. I included some details about yesterday’s call as well in the email.