Product Updates from October 2018 continued


The new thing that we are really excited about is the new Patient Queue! I used it this weekend for some demos. Check it out!

New Patient Queue design

  • Name displayed
  • Location
  • Real-time information for the following:
    • Waiting time
    • Microphone
    • Camera
    • Device
    • Browser
    • Current operating system
    • When you start the call, it will show you how long you’ve been on the call. (How awesome is that no need to look random places in your office or on your computer).

While the patient is in your waiting room you can do the following:

  • Collect payments
  • Send/receive files
  • Send a chat message
  • Start audio call only
  • End call (Remove patient from waiting room)

Coming Soon

  • Wi-Fi strength

Patient-side Translations (Spanish)

  • Will now automatically translate based on your Patient’s browsers language settings

Bug fixes:

  • Improved messaging following a successful file transfer.
  • Clearer identification when/who is screensharing during a session

How long can you use this new feature?

Currently, Patient Queue is available to everyone during beta testing. After beta testing this feature will be available for Professional and Clinic plans only.

And what is Beta Testing? (For you new to tech users. We’ve all been there so I’m going to lay it out simply.)

Beta testing is a second phase in software testing, it helps the developers to make changes before the product is officially released or commercialized. It gives the new feature the real-world exposure it doesn’t receive when it is still in development.

So please give us your feedback help us make the Patient Queue as effective as it can be for your telehealth practice.

Happy Sunday!


Experience Deterioration over past 2 Weeks

This sounds great. Thank you, Gina.


Hi Gina,

One change that had an impact on our workflow but was not mentioned is that the Red Hang Up Button in the bottom menu that appears in-call functionality has changed, previously it has returned the client to the waiting room, where it now bounces them back to the check-in screen requiring them to check in again.

The pause " button seems to have replaced this functionality where the client is placed back in the waiting room. It would be great to have a better indication of what each of these options is intended for and the results of each being triggered. There is also the X next to the patient name which seems to perform it’s own unique function of removing the client from the waiting room entirely.