Product Updates from October!


October 30, 2018

Hi all!

At we are committed to improving our user experience. That’s why you may have noticed we’re always asking for feedback, whether it’s a survey or just a brief interaction you may have with one of our team members. We understand the importance of improving the telehealth experience in order to help you provide the best healthcare possible to your patients. In order to keep you in the loop on what we do behind the scenes I’m going to write posts weekly that will give you a glimpse into the things the team has been working on. And again please let me know if this is helpful!



I can also be emailed directly at:

Over the last month, we have implemented the following changes:

Website Optimizations:

  • We’ve made faster to load and use less resources on your computer. The less resources used, the better your call quality can be!

File Transfer failover:

  • We’ve changed the way our File Transfer feature works under the hood to make it more reliable and work across all devices. Now you can reliably send and receive files from mobile and desktop browsers

Teleconsent 2.0!!!

Over the past month we’ve totally revamped teleconsent from the ground up to make it more streamlined and user friendly. It also now works well when patients are on mobile devices. Ping our sales team if this is something you’d be interested in learning more about!

What is “OP” or “LD”?

  • We used to have a feature called “OP” but people didn’t really get what it did. So we’ve changed it’s name to “LD” for “Low Definition”. This keeps the call quality lower and use less computer resources to keep your calls more consistent and less choppy when you or your patients are on poor quality networks or on mobile devices.

Bug Fixes:

  • We noticed it was possible not all end call times we properly logged, we’ve fix that.
  • A unique subdomain bug was corrected for our Clinic upgrade process.
  • Screenshare Error when patient was on unsupported device/browser
  • Adding Users to your Clinic Account

I’ll begin with the final October updates this weekend. I’ll then start with November updates next week! Happy Tuesday! :jack_o_lantern: