Profile picture help

Can anyone provide guidance on how to add a profile picture without using a 3rd party (Gravatar)? If not, how can I delete the candid photo Doxy took of me during login that can be viewed by patients? I see other posts about this problem but do not see any responses.

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Gravatar is integrated into Wordpress, which is already used by for other services as well. This is why we use it for profile photos.

Thank you very much. I registered for Gravatar and now see the correct profile image in room settings. But when I make a call, an unexpected candid photo of me is shown to the patient while they are in the waiting room or if I turn off my camera. Can you please provide instructions for how to get the Gravatar photo to appear for everything?

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Thanks for asking this question. I think there is a new candid photo used for each session. The camera took a photo of my empty chair one time. This is an unfortunate feature of, as it presents random shots to the patient. It really must be addressed. I’ve taken to putting a post-it over the camera between sessions, so the patient does not see a picture of me eating or whatever when they arrive in virtual waiting room.

I agree with you about the profile pic. It should be very simple and straight forward. We shouldn’t have to fish around or go through another program, ect. It should be there to just edit, and should not just take random pics of the therapist or the patient. It should only take a pic when we choose to actually take the pic and approve it. This also wastes time with patients, especially when working with teenagers. I can’t count how many times they get all worried about the pic that was taken of them, then they talk about it for the first 5 minutes (how awful they look, ect), it’s super annoying. This should really be fixed by Doxy as soon as possible; I can’t imagine it being that difficult to fix, every other platform makes it super easy. Come on Doxy, let’s get the fixed and make it super easy, they it’s supposed to be.