Profile Picture in text message invitation to patients

When sending a text message invitation to a patient from the Dashboard, the text the patient receives includes a photo that is an advertisement for Doxy. It’s a female patient and male physician interacting in the Doxy window. It’s confusing for some patients to see this smiling woman’s face appear in a text that says “Hello, this is Dr. Kevin Janer - please join me for a secure video call.” I even had one patient who didn’t join the session right away because they thought the woman in the photo was some other doctor mistakenly trying to connect with her. Can Doxy add the option to let us choose a photo that will be sent in the text message invitations instead of the advertisement photo? Most logically that would be our Profile Picture that we set up in the Account Settings tab, but if we could upload a photo of our choosing, that would be even better.

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We don’t have that feature right now but I’ve seen discussion about this on our Feature Requests forum. Our development team regularly reviews ideas there and prioritizes those with the most comments and engagement. We hope to see this as a feature soon!

when will this be changed.

Hi Amy, can you be more specific about what change you are asking about?