Prompt for Patient First and Last name when entering waiting room

Please add a feature to have the Patient prompt for name when entering waiting room to be customized or set to prompt for patient first and last name with separate fields. This is problematic when there are 30+ patients in our shared waiting room and first names are same or similar.


Yes and even more so if they use an alias!

We are working on giving users the ability to customize the check-in popup that asks for the person’s name. I don’t know when it might be available, but I know our developers are aware of this request and will address it.

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If users will be able to customize the check-in popup, can we also get the option to request for patients to add the address or location that they are connecting from? Thanks!

That’s an interesting request. Why is that information helpful to you? Knowing the context for your request would help our developers envision what this feature might look like, or consider different ways of approaching the solution.

Verifying patient location during mental health televisits is so central to ensuring safety that, I suspect, most, if not all, clinical practice guidelines would recommend verifying patient location at the start of each session.

Here is a list compiled by APA:

Best Practices in Videoconferencing-Based Telemental Health

p. 4

  1. Patient-Provider Identification
    All persons at both sites of the videoconference shall be identified to all participants at the beginning of a telemental health session. Permission from the patient should not be required if safety concerns mandate the presence of another individual or if the patient is being legally detained.
    At the beginning of a video-based mental health treatment with a patient, the following information shall be verified and documented:
    • The name and credentials of the provider and the name of the patient.
    • The location(s) of the patient during the session.
    • Immediate contact information for both provider and patient (phone, text message, or email), and contact information for other relevant support people, both professional and family.
    • Expectations about contact between sessions shall be discussed and verified with the patient, including a discussion of emergency management between sessions.

In our case as we are behavioral health, it would assist us in sending out authorities (Baker Act) for someone who was not verbally confirming their address.

While it would be great to see the patient’s full name in the waiting room, can we also request that the notifications that we get from Doxy actually NOT have the patient’s name? Currently the notifications say “John Doe is now in the waiting room”, and this makes HIPAA violations more apt to happen as notifications display the patient’s name on a provider’s locked phone or computer screen. I understand that one can turn the notifications off or change the notification setting so that it doesn’t pop up on a locked screen, but a lot of people may not think to do this. A generic notification like “Your client is now in the waiting room” would be preferred. The provider would have to log-in to Doxy to see the patient’s names in their waiting room and they would be kept secure. Thanks!!!