Provider Group call (Provider#1, Provider#2, Patient)

When will you allow a provider to join another provider in an ongoing encounter (under “Clinic” plan)?

Currently having a physician extender enter as “patient” is a bit suboptimal.


I agree. It would be very helpful if our medical assistant could go into the room before the provider sees the patient and obtain some basic information and do a depression screen. Right now the medical assistant has to have the provider allow her in the room and medical assistant is talking while her provider is reading the charts

I also agree that this would be helpful. We currently have to send the provider that has access to a link to join the call which is just another step.

The provider needs to grant the MA access to their room only once, then the MA will always see that provider’s patients in their own patient queue. They can pause the call when they’ve done their part, and the provider can pick it up again.

Alternatively, you can use a shared waiting room.

If this is already what you’re doing, then please clarify what it is you’d like to do differently. Because it sounds like this is exactly what you’re saying you’d like to do.